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Dental Restorations in Hurricane, UT

At Zion Dental, Dr. Powell and his team are dedicated to providing patients with dental restorations that preserve the health and natural appearance of their smiles. Whether through tooth-colored porcelain crowns, or implant-supported restorations to replace missing teeth, we are committed to serving patients throughout Hurricane and the neighboring communities. 


Tooth-Colored Crowns

For patients experiencing tooth decay, or who have undergone a root canal, our Hurricane dentist can provide tooth-colored crowns. These crowns are made using durable dental porcelain and zirconia, and allow us to restore the health of patients’ teeth, while creating a natural appearance and supporting the strength of their smiles.

The crowns used at our office are fabricated at a local lab, giving patients high quality restorations that effectively seal out future decay within a timely manner.

Dental Implants in Hurricane

As a prosthetic, dental implants are second only to natural teeth. Dr. Powell places implants himself, as well as partnering with oral surgeons for implant surgery. This ensures that qualified patients receive predictable and beneficial results to preserve overall dental health.

These biocompatible titanium implants act as the root to your prosthetic tooth, stimulating the structure of your jaw, preventing bone resorption and jaw deterioration. Our Hurricane dental implants are then capped with durable crowns. Due to their durability, implant-supported zirconia restorations are ideal for replacing lost molars. 

Multiple implants can also be used to support larger restorations, such as bridges and implant-supported or retained dentures

Dental Bridges

Dr. Powell also uses bridges to restore one or more teeth that have been lost or removed. These prosthetics are affixed on the teeth neighboring the gap in your smile, holding replacement teeth firmly in place. In addition to providing patients with a prosthetic tooth that looks like a natural restoration, these fixed teeth replacement allow patients to regain a balanced bite, improving chewing, and keeping the teeth from shifting into misalignment. This video shows a good example of what a bridge is.

Implant Pretreatment

In order to help patients achieve the necessary bone structure to support their implants, Dr. Powell works with specialists for bone grafts and related pre-treatments. These procedures create ideal conditions for implant placement. If you are in need of tooth removal, our doctor and team are also able to provide necessary extractions prior to your implant treatment. 

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If you are looking for comprehensive restorative care for your smile,contact Dr. James Powell and our team at Zion Dental today. We provide traditional and implant-supported restorations in Hurricane, La Verkin, Toquerville, and the surrounding communities.


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